Thursday, January 29, 2009

ughhhhhhhhhh work

good morning ladies,

how is everyone. i have 15 mins till i have to leave for work. i don;t really want to go to work today. my day is dead. i only have 3 clients on the book. thats not like me to have 3 clients. i guess this economy is starting to effect my job now too. which i can understand because getting my hair done wouldn;t be top of my list if i had to cut back. the bummer of it all is i work from 9 30 am today to 8 30 tonight. i got to sit there all those hours with only 3 clients. i am debating if i should leave early or not . if i do i will lose pay so i am thinking of just sticking it out and at least getting my day pay if anything. sorry for rambleing on here.

lol i then think hmmm if i leave early i can come home amd scrap. thats always a plus. i guess only time will tell today what i decide to do. hope you ladies have a great day and night

smiles jenn

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LORI said...

Your creations are super great!! And I LOVE your Art room/studio!!!